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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A deer in GTA 5 becomes a star. Unfortunately, I don't really get or understand why it's popular.

GTA 5 Deer Becomes A Star, I Don't Get It

One of the top Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5 news recently had nothing to do with the game's development instead it was about a deer.

This particular deer is an invincible deer because it just doesn't die and, for some reason, this deer became an instant or an overnight star.

Various online gaming sites and even business sites like the International Business Times had an article or story about it.

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Unfortunately, I don't really get or understand the appeal of this particular deer. I watched the Live Stream of the deer wandering around GTA 5 in Twitch and I got bored.

I guess, a deer wandering around and sometimes getting shot by people is not my kind of entertainment. I know it's not a real deer but, I don't know, it doesn't click with me.

Anyway, if you are curios about this invincible deer in GTA 5 then simply check out the Livestream of the deer in GTA 5 in Twitch, click here.

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Khan Online is an old MMORPG. It's over 10 years old but it was brought back to life in STEAM.

Khan Online, An Old MMORPG Brought To Life In STEAM

As an MMORPG, Khan Online never became as popular as Ragnarok Online but the game did have some loyal players and, I believe, these loyal players brought the game back to life.

Currently, Khan Online is available in STEAM and it's Free-To-Play. Because it's an old MMORPG, the system requirements to play the game is very, very low.

Khan Online STEAM

Now, don't expect to see mind blowing graphics in Khan Online because you won't. If the graphics of the game looks like something that came from 2004 then it's because of the fact that the game was from 2004.

Khan Online also don't have a lot of quest. If you are the kind of player that enjoys completing various quests then Khan Online is not the game you want to play.

As for gameplay, Khan Online is focused on partying with other players and grinding for Ki which is used to increase character stats like STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS and CHA.

For PvP, Khan Online has Duels, Guild Wars and Castle Sieges. As long as no one is cheating, PvP in Khan Online is a very fun and exciting experience.

Anyway, if you are the type who enjoys playing old MMORPGs then check out Khan Online in STEAM.

Watch the video version of this blog post below:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A few days ago, I started playing Triad Wars. It's a free-to-play multiplayer online game published by Square Enix.

The following videos below are gameplay or let's play videos of my first time playing Triad Wars. There are 5 videos but they're all part of Episode 1 which is about the Tutorial or Start of the game.

All 5 videos are in 720P resolution but I had to change the graphics of the game in some of the videos for better performance. Unfortunately, it made the game look blurry.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play Triad Wars. If you wish to see more then simply subscribe to my Dailymotion channels.

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