ShowTime SEA, Where Players Sing Terribly But Still Get High Scores! LOL!

ShowTime SEA | Posted on October 30th, 2011 by Kabalyero (Last modified on June 9, 2012)

Do you love to sing? If you are then ShowTime SEA could be the MMO you are looking for. It's a casual MMO where players sing and the game doesn't care if your voice is good or not. :D

ShowTime SEA is a Casual MMO where players get to sing terribly but still get High Scores. LOL! I think that sums up the game perfectly but, seriously, ShowTime SEA is a very fun game to play. If you love to sing on videoke bars or videoke machines then you’ll love singing in ShowTime SEA.

ShowTime SEA

Unlike with videoke bars and videoke machines where you get to sing infront of other people, ShowTime SEA allows you to sing in the comfort and privacy of your home. All you need is the game installed on your computer, a microphone, a set of speakers and you are good to go.

Having a great singing voice is not a requirement because the game does not care and it does not know whether you have a great singing voice or not. Of course, people who are listening to you might care but they’re not the one who will score you, the game will. Besides, no one really knows who you really are so just keep on signing. Ha ha ha!

There is also another side to the game. This other side does not involve any singing and it is played by pressing arrow keys. Some call it the dancing side of ShowTime SEA but I have a problem with that description because I don’t think pressing keys equate to dancing. Finger dancing, maybe, but not actual dancing.

ShowTime SEAShowTime SEA

This side of the game works like this, while the music is playing, a series of arrows will scroll across your screen and you must press the arrow key that matches with the arrow displayed as it passes by this marker. It’s a very simple game but it requires great timing on your part because in some songs the arrows scroll by real fast.

ShowTime SEAShowTime SEA

If you are interested in playing ShowTime SEA then sign-up for an account at ShowTime SEA is a Free-To-Play MMO and signing-up for an account is also FREE! After that, just download, install, run the game, login to your account, start singing and you’ll soon be the next online singing sensation. LOL!

To play ShowTime SEA for FREE, click here!

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