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March 16, 2011

Residents Came to See zFire Xue Off, How Nice of Them

Posted by Kabalyero (Last modified on June 9, 2012)

Linden Lab pegged the last nail into zFire Xue’s virtual coffin when they finally banned the infamous Second Life resident from Second Life. zFire Xue is the creator of security device named zF RedZone. This particular security device became popular with sim owners and creators because it claimed it can successfully detect and ban copybotters and griefers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do squat. What it does is, it scans your avatar and saves information about you in an external database. The information it takes from you are your IP address, avatar name, age, viewer, payment info, location on the grid, date and time and many more.

zFire Xue Banned From Second Life
(Many residents came to see zFire Xue off. Isn’t that nice of them. LOL)

zF RedZone then uses the information it gathered from all the avatars it scanned by linking accounts together. This is how it is able to detect alternate accounts or alts of many Second Life residents. The worst thing about it is, any zF RedZone user can use it to find alts of other people. In fact, many zF RedZone users use it to spy on other people because with it, they are able to know who your alts are and where you have been on the grid. This is the main reason why sim owners and creators are buying and using this particular security system. Detecting and banning copybotters and griefers are just for marketing purposes to make zF RedZone look legit. Read the rest of this entry »