What Happened To Star Trek Online’s Auto-Fire?

Star Trek Online | Posted on February 4th, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on June 9, 2012)

The latest patch of Star Trek Online caused a bug that removed the Auto Fire feature of the game. Without the Auto Fire feature, space combat became more difficult. Fortunately, there is a work-around to make it work again and you'll find out how here.

What happened to the Auto-Fire feature? Today, my copy of Star Trek Online downloaded a huge patch and patched itself with it. It took the launcher a few minutes to download and patch my copy of Star Trek Online. When that was finished, I logged-in to my account to play.

Star Trek Online
(Star Trek Online)

Auto fire removed Star Trek Online. After logging-in, I immediately continued the last mission and it involved some space battle. To my surprise, my Odyssey Star Cruiser won’t fire at the enemy. That was when I noticed my weapon icons were all unlit which means Auto Fire was inactive. To activate Auto Fire, I right-clicked on each one but nothing happened. My weapon icons remained unlit.

Oh my God! Did Cryptic Studios removed the Auto Fire feature of Star Trek Online? They couldn’t have because space combat without the Auto Fire feature would become extremely difficult. Managing all those abilities and shooting at the enemy at the same time is very, very hard to do.

Well, the game would become more challenging without the Auto Fire but it will also make the game less fun to play. For me, I like the game better with the Auto Fire feature because it makes Space Combat manageable and I’m certain that many players prefer to have it as well.

Star Trek Online
(Star Trek Online)

It’s a bug in the latest patch. Checking the official Star Trek Online forums, some members said it is only a bug caused by the latest patch and I believe them because removing it would be a stupid move in the part of Cryptic Studios. Fortunately, some members were able to find a work-around to the problem and they were able to activate the Auto Fire feature.

To re-activate your Auto Fire feature in Star Trek Online, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. while in system space, right-click on all your weapon icons
  2. in the chat panel, type /defaultautoattack 1
  3. if it worked then you will see the green border on the weapon icons, if not then simply try again

Thanks to this work-around, I was able to complete a few missions against the Borg. Without the Auto Fire feature, I think I still can finish those missions but it would have taken me much longer.

So, if you suddenly find your Auto Fire feature not working then simply follow the instructions above to make them work again.

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