My Favorite Armor Setups In Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution | Posted on May 3rd, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on June 9, 2012)

Weapon customization in Blacklight: Retribution is awesome but, did you know that you can customize your Armor setup as well? Just like with weapons, you can customize or change your armor setup to match your style of play.

Blacklight: Retribution has a really cool weapon customization feature because it allows you to customize or change various parts of your weapon to match your play style. If you like tinkering with your weapon then you will find your self playing with your weapon’s setup for hours in Blacklight: Retribution.

Blacklight: Retribution
(Blacklight: Retribution)

Besides weapons, you can also customize or change your armor setup. You can choose from various armor pieces or parts and change them to your liking. Fortunately, armor parts (head, chest and legs) in Blacklight: Retribution are pretty balanced and will only give you an advantage if it matches your style of play.

For example, if you build an armor setup that emphasizes speed then you’ll have to sacrifice hit points or HP for it. If your armor setup is like a tank then you’ll have to trade-off speed in your build. These system keeps the game balance and turns customization into specialization.

Now, with that in mind. I’ve permanently bought armor pieces or parts that allow me to build armor setups that I can use for either speed or hit points. If I want more hit points then I’ll just change some parts but it would also drastically reduce my running speed and that’s what makes Blacklight: Retribution great.

Gaining a some points in one particular stat means you’re losing some points in another. This gain and lost effect keeps the game balance. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to see a player with a tank-like armor moving at lightning speed because that would be simply crazy.

Anyway, below are some of my favorite Armor Setups. All the armor parts or pieces used in these setups are permanent. Each screenshot will show the armor parts or pieces used and its stats. I’ve also arranged them from highest to lowest HP.

Blacklight Retribution Armor

Blacklight: Retribution Armor

Blacklight Retribution Armor

Blacklight: Retribution Armor

Blacklight: Retribution Armor

As you can see from the screenshots, combining different armor pieces or parts will have different results. There is really no such thing as “best armor setup” in Blacklight: Retribution. Your armor setup will greatly depend on how you want to play the game.

For example, if you want to run around and flank other players then your armor setup or build should emphasize speed but if you want to go toe-to-toe with your opponents then set your armor up with lots of HP.

Customization is a big deal in Blacklight: Retribution and, the best part of it is, you don’t have to spend any money to get the pieces or parts you need. Just play the game, level-up and they’ll unlock for you. Once they are unlocked, you can easily buy them with GP.

Anyway, I’m planning on buying two more armor pieces permanently. Doing so will add a whole new range of possible armor combinations that I can use in the game. What about you? Do you have a favorite armor setup in Blacklight: Retribution? If you do then please share it by posting it as a comment below.

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