Blacklight Retribution Hacker Won $1,000 USD

Blacklight: Retribution | Posted on August 21st, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on August 21, 2012)

Blacklight Retribution Hacker Won $1,000 USD. Isn't it something? Unfortunately, it's true. The winner was caught hacking and it was video recorded by another player who uploaded it to YouTube.

Wow! This is freaking amazing. A Blacklight Retribution hacker won $1,000 USD? This happened a couple of days ago but I only found out about it today while browsing through the pages and threads of Blacklight Retribution’s official forum. The title of the forum thread was “A HACKER WON the $1000” and it immediately grabbed my attention.

Hacker Won $1,000 USD
(Hacker Won $1,000 USD)

Currently, Zombie Studios and Perfect World Entertainment is running an event in Blacklight Retribution where you can win $1,000 USD everyday. It will last for 30 days and all you have to do is play the game and complete a match in-game. Each completed match will reward you with one Fight Ticket. The more matches you complete playing in, the more Fight Tickets you’ll get and that means more chances of winning.

The event is called 30 Days of Fight and, because of the amount of money involved, it has invited a lot of hackers. Hackers are players who use illegal third party programs to get an advantage over other players. These programs are sometimes called aimbots, aimhacks, wallhacks, etc. and, currently, there are a lot of players who are using them in the game.

Of course, using these illegal third party programs or hacks won’t increase your chances of winning $1,000 USD but, the fact that, a hacker won $1,000 USD shows that the companies behind the game have no way of verifying or checking if the their winners are legitimate players or hackers and these hackers know it.

This hacker who won $1,000 USD was exposed not because of Zombie Studios nor Perfect World Entertainment but because of the effort of the players themselves. The player who created the forum thread also posted a link to a YouTube video showing the $1,000 USD winner snapping around for a quick shot.

Here is the YouTube video of the hacker.

As for the action taken by the publisher against this hacker who won $1,000 USD, he was investigated and I believe he was found guilty of hacking or cheating because the name of the winner for the third day was changed to a new one. If he wasn’t cheating or hacking then the publisher would have no reason to replace him as the winner.

Now, will this stop players from continuously using hacks and cheats in the game? Unfortunately, NO! This hacker who won $1,000 USD was just unlucky because someone took a video of him hacking. Other hackers can still win $1,000 USD and get away with it because not all players are video recording every hacker they encounter.

Play Don’t Hack Blacklight Retribution

Seriously, hacking or cheating in Blacklight: Retribution because of the current event is pointless because it’s all about luck. If you win and you were found cheating or hacking later then you’ll get disqualified and banned from the game. Just play the game normally because if the prize is truly yours then no one can take it away from you.

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