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RaiderZ | Posted on November 26th, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on November 26, 2012)

The repeatable quest, Burn The Trolls, took my character from Level 18 to Level 21. It's a very easy quest but it was made more easier by a skill that burns the Trolls to death in seconds.

One of the games I’m currently casually playing is RaiderZ. It’s a monster hunting MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment and it’s Free-To-Play. I played it in Close Beta and even purchased a Founder’s Pack to get Early Access. I don’t play it that often but when I do, I enjoy every minute playing it.

Burn The Troll
(Burn The Troll)

A couple of days ago, I had my character jumped from Level 18 to Level 21 for doing a repeatable quest over and over again. The name of the repeatable quest was Burn The Trolls and I got it in Heroes Lane. I found the NPC somewhere east of the map and he had a very big problem. His farm was invaded by Trolls and he needed help getting rid of them, quickly.

I accepted the quest and did it over and over again. Each trip rewarded my character with 3,000 XP and some money. I didn’t care much for the money because I was more concerned about the XP. This particular repeatable quest was great because I didn’t spend a lot of time killing the Trolls.

The quest gave me a new skill and I used it to kill the Trolls in just a matter of seconds by burning them to the ground. When I first took the quest, I wasn’t aware of the skill but, after watching a few players do it, I asked them and one of them told me about it.

Using the skill was great. The quest was already very easy but it became much more easier with the skill. I’m glad I asked about it. Prior to using the skill, I was killing the Trolls with my sword which was fine but the skill from the quest made killing them a breeze.

I was racking up experience points and, in just a couple of hours, my level shot up from Level 18 to Level 21. Unfortunately, the NPC stopped giving the repeatable quest at Level 21. It sucked because I was planning on doing the quest as long as I can but the level limit messed it up.

Anyway, getting 3 levels from it was great and I’m very happy with it. Below is a video of the quest in YouTube.

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