Repair Tool Nerf In Siege Mode Is Too Much, Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution | Posted on November 18th, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on November 18, 2012)

The nerf done to the Repair Tool in Blacklight: Retribution is way overboard. The developers penalized everyone just because a few unscrupulous players were abusing it in Siege Mode.

In order to prevent the abuse of the Repair Tool in Siege Mode, people behind Blacklight: Retribution nerfed the Repair Tool by removing the CP awarded to players when repairing the Scorpion Tank. Nerfing the Repair Tool is fine but totally removing the awarded CP is too much.

Repair Tool
(Repair Tool)

Repairing the Scorpion Tank is a very risky thing to do because it will expose anyone repairing it to enemy fire. The CP awarded to players for repairing the Scorpion Tank is simply an added incentive or bonus. Without it, repairing the Scorpion Tank is just plain suicidal.

Instead of removing the CP reward for repairing the Scorpion Tank, what they should have done was reduce the amount to 5 or 10 CP only. With such a small amount of CP gained from repairing the tank, players would no longer bother farming CP from it yet it would still reward those who are not abusing it (even if the CP gain is small).

The problem with this nerf is, it penalizes everyone who uses the Repair Tool not just those who are using it to farm CP in Siege Mode.

Siege Mode is a very popular game mode in Blacklight: Retribution and it’s not because players can farm CP in it. It’s popular because it’s very fun to play. It’s somewhat balance because both teams will get to escort and/or defend the Scorpion Tank. It’s also a very fast game mode. If both teams are good then the game could end in just a few minutes.

Hopefully, the developers will find a better way of nerfing the Repair Tool because what they did in the last patch is just too much. Most players who play Siege Mode are not playing it to abuse or farm for CP. Why should they suffer the same penalty as those who are abusing it?

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