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Mortal Online | Posted on December 6th, 2012 by Kabalyero (Last modified on December 6, 2012)

I'm currently playing Mortal Online casually. It recently went free-to-play and I'm taking the opportunity to try out the game. My only problem with it is, it's eating up too much of my computer's resources.

Currently, I’m casually playing Mortal Online as a free player. The game recently offered a free-to-play option and I’m using it to try out the game. As a free player, my account is restricted to only 60 skill points per skill while paying players get the full 100 points. I’m not sure how it will affect me as a player in terms of competitiveness but 60 skill points is better than 0 skill points.

Mortal Online
(Mortal Online)

My character is a male human named Kabalyero and, he started his journey in the city of Tindrem, after going through the simple and brief tutorial of course. Tindrem is a newbie city and it’s freaking huge. Getting lost in it is very easy. It took me a while before I got used to it.

I spent my first few hours just running around Tindrem but I didn’t enjoy it because my frame rate was very, very low. It made everything choppy and laggy. I tried to fix it by lowering my graphics setting but I only gained a few FPS. For some reason, Mortal Online is using too much graphics and CPU.

My computer can run most games like Blacklight: Retribution, APB: Reloaded, SW:TOR, RaiderZ, etc. in medium graphics setting but it’s having a hard time running Mortal Online. It’s weird because, compared to those games mentioned above, Mortal Online doesn’t have the best graphics and the best character models. Honestly, they kinda suck. So, what’s with the resource hogging? Argh!

Anyway, if you want to try out Mortal Online for free then simply create a new account, download the game, install it and play. Make sure you read a lot about the game before actually playing it because the learning curve can become frustrating.

To learn more about Mortal Online and to play it for FREE, click here!

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