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Downloading Scarlet Blade for the third time. The first two times were not good but hopefully the third time is the charm. Scarlet Blade Free-To-Play MMORPG

Currently, I’m still downloading scarlet blade. I started downloading it yesterday but the files that I downloaded got corrupted. I’m not sure how it happened but I think it was because I frequently paused and resumed the downloading process.

Scarlet Blade

I started downloading Scarlet Blade for a second time, but for some reason, Aeria Ignite won’t install the game properly. I installed the game numerous times after downloading it but it only installs a few files. I won’t install the rest of the game which is in the compressed 1.9 GB file.

I’m now in my third time downloading Scarlet Blade. If this still doesn’t work then I won’t bother downloading nor installing it again. I’m only interested in the game because it was rated NSFW. I wanted to know how and why it was rated NSFW. By the way, NSFW means Not Safe For Work.

I’ve seen the YouTube videos of the game and I don’t see anything that would merit a Not Safe For Work rating or label. Besides, if you think about it more clearly then wouldn’t it be correct to label all games NSFW. Why? I don’t think businesses allow their employees to play games while they’re at work anyway (except maybe game testers and those in the gaming industry).

Scarlet Blade’s Selling Point

From what I’ve seen from the videos in YouTube. Scarlet Blade’s selling point is its female characters and their bouncing boobs. Of course, the character’s skimpy costumes are also worth mentioning.

Scarlet Blade And Boobs

I’m sure Scarlet Blade has more to offer players but I still have to see them and that’s why I’m currently downloading Scarlet Blade. I want to see if it has more exciting things to offer because bouncing boobs and skimpy costumes are not enough reasons for a player to play the game in a daily basis.

Downloading Scarlet Blade

Downloading Scarlet Blade takes at least 4 hours for me. The reason why it’s that slow is because of the fact that I don’t have a very fast internet connection but it’s okay. I don’t really need a blazing fast internet connection to play games but I do need a fast one when downloading game clients or installers.

Anyway, I’ll just leave my computer on for a few hours and the download will finish by itself. After that, I’ll be able to install the game and play it for the first time.

What about you? Are you also interested in trying out Scarlet Blade like me? If you are or if you are not then post your thoughts, views, opinions and comments below.

To learn more about Scarlet Blade and to play it for FREE, click here!

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