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Neverwinter | Posted on March 23rd, 2013 by Kabalyero (Last modified on March 23, 2013)

Neverwinter Close Beta is currently in its third close beta weekend. This is the last close beta weekend for Neverwinter. Open Beta will be next.

After getting my Neverwinter Close Beta Key for the Second Close Beta Weekend, I played Neverwinter for a few hours and it was a very enjoyable few hours. My Neverwinter Close Beta Key came from my RaiderZ Founder’s Pack. It was one of the reasons why I purchased it.

Neverwinter Close Beta

Thanks to my Neverwinter Close Beta Key, I was able to play in the Second Close Beta Weekend of Neverwinter. Now, Neverwinter Close Beta is in its Third Close Beta Weekend but I don’t think I’ll be able to play as much as I want because I have a ton of work to do. Yes, I still work on weekends. T_T

Great Sword Fighter

I was really looking forward to playing the new playable class which is the Great Sword Fighter. This character class is equipped with a very big sword wielded by both hands. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything more about it because I haven’t played it yet but I’m sure it’ll be an awesome character to play.

In my first week of playing in Neverwinter Close Beta, the character I created was Human and the class I selected was Guardian. Great Sword Fighter wasn’t available yet at that time. As a Guardian, my character wielded a single-handed sword and a shield. For Guardians, shields are as important as swords because Guardians have skills or attacks that requires it.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything more about Neverwinter Close Beta because I agreed to its Non-Disclosure Agreement. I can probably share information that are already out in the public or information that are already in the official website of Neverwinter but I’m still not really sure of what I can share freely to everyone.

For now, I’ll just say that Neverwinter is a very interesting MMORPG and it has elements or gameplay features that are not found in other MMORPGs out there today.

Neverwinter Close Beta

This weekend is the last Close Beta Weekend of Neverwinter. After this, Neverwinter will move to Open Beta and it will be open to everyone. Playing in Open Beta is much better because there won’t be any character wipe in Open Beta. Unlike in Close Beta where character wipes are expected.

Unfortunately, the developer nor the publisher of Neverwinter haven’t announced when Open Beta will start. For now, all we can do is wait and while, you are waiting, why not post your thoughts, views, opinions and comments about Neverwinter below.

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