Winged Arrod Mount Received, RaiderZ Founders

Kabalyero | Posted on June 5th, 2013 by Kabalyero (Last modified on June 5, 2013)

Received my free Winged Arrod Mount from Perfect World Entertainment. This free item was given to all RaiderZ Founders for FREE.

Got A Free Winged Arrod Mount

Yesterday, I redeemed a code that would give me a free Winged Arrod Mount in RaiderZ and, after redeeming the code, I immediately logged-in to my account and claimed it in-game. Claiming it was easy, all I did was open my in-game mail and get the Winged Arrod Mount item from the e-mail sent by the game’s admin.

Winged Arrod Mount

I received the information about the free Winged Arrod Mount from an e-mail released by Perfect World Entertainment to all RaiderZ Founders. I’m a RaiderZ Founder because I purchased a RaiderZ Founder’s Pack when the game was still in the last stages of Close Beta. This free Winged Arrod Mount was a great gift to all RaiderZ Founders even though it’s only a winged version of the White Arrod Mount.

Black Versus White Versus Winged Arrod Mount

Personally, I like the Winged Arrod Mount. It does look like the White Arrod Mount with wings but the Winged Arrod Mount is better because I got it for FREE. After spending real money on the Founders Pack, I have no plans of spending any more money on the game. That’s why getting free things is always a great thing for me. He he he!

Winged Arrod Mount

As for the abilities of the Winged Arrod Mount, it’s practically the same as the Black Arrod Mount. I don’t own a White Arrod Mount so I can’t compare its abilities with the Winged Arrod Mount but, if I’m going to make a guess, I think all of them have the same abilities. Their only real difference is their appearance.

So, if you’re not a RaiderZ Founder but you already own a White Arrod Mount then don’t worry about getting the Winged Arrod Mount. They’re practically the same. Remove the wings from the Winged Arrod Mount and you’ll get a White Arrod Mount.

Hunt Monsters In RaiderZ

Anyway, I’m very, very happy with the Winged Arrod Mount. I don’t play RaiderZ that often but I still appreciate getting free stuff from the publisher and developer. Besides, this free Winged Arrod Mount is just great.

What about you? Are you also hunting monsters in RaiderZ? If not then why aren’t you giving this game a try? RaiderZ is not the best game out there but it’s better than most. It’s action-oriented combat system makes playing the game less boring and more fun.

To learn more about RaiderZ and to download the game for free, click here.

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