Luvinia World Is Now In Open Beta

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Luvinia World is Luvinia Online and it's back. It's also currently in Open Beta. If you played Luvinia Online before then why not play it again now.

Luvinia World Is Now Open For Business

Luvinia World recently opens its doors to everyone when it entered its Open Beta period. During this period, the game is still undergoing some testing and tweaking but, unlike in Close Beta Testing, the game is open to all who wish to play it.

Also, characters created during the Open Beta period of the game are permanent. Character wipes don’t happen in Open Beta except for some very isolated cases. In general, characters in Open Beta are permanent and will remain until the day the game dies (again).

Luvinia World Open Beta Launched

I added the word “again” in close parenthesis in the last paragraph because Luvinia World already died once. Luvinia World was once called Luvinia Online and it was published by Outspark. When the publisher died, it took Luvinia Online to its grave along with a few other games.

Fortunately, SOA Games picked up Luvinia Online, resurrected it and called it Luvinia World. From what I’ve read in the official website, Luvinia World is a much better version of Luvinia Online. It will introduce new features and it will have regular updates the first of which will happen right after initial launch.

Play Luvinia World For FREE!

I’m very interested in playing Luvinia World but, sadly, I’m still in the process of downloading it. Yes, the game client or installer is less than 2GB but, because my ISP, SmartBRO, throttled down my internet speed from 200kbps to 20kpbs, it will take me a few days to finish downloading it.

Why is my internet speed throttled? It has something to do with their Fair Usage Policy. Take note, this Fair Usage Policy doesn’t exist when I subscribe to SmartBRO. It was a recent addition to their policies and it SUCKS!

Anyway, if you want to play Luvinia World then go to the official Luvinia World website, click on the big Download Button, download the installer, install the game, play it and have fun.

Link to download Luvinia World -

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