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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Abubot Online Store or simply Abubot is where you can get your geek fix real quick.

Why did I mention geek fix? Well, according to GM Tristan in his blog post about Abubot, Abubot is like the Philippine version of ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek is an online store that sells various items. From Apparel to Geek Toys and everything in between. In other words, ThinkGeek is a great place for geeks to shop online.

The problem with ThinkGeek is this, it doesn't service the Philippines. That is where Abubot comes in. As a Philippine based online shopping site, geeks can now purchase their favorite and most wanted items as easily as clicking a button.

Shopping online via Abubot is also extremely convenient because it accepts a truck load of payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, Money Transfer and Bank Deposits. You also don't have to drive to get what you purchased because it will be delivered to your home.

Here are a few geeky items that you will find in Abubot.

First is this cool looking Android Collectible Doll. Can it get more geeky than that? Yes, it can.

Check out this Glowing LED Shoe Laces. Hey, you will never see me use one but my daughter thinks it's cool.

Anyway, there are more cool items in Abubot and you can check them all at

Friday, November 14, 2014

Shards Online second Kickstarter attempt is up and running and it's going very well. For those who don't know, Shards Online is a multiplayer online roleplaying game where you can create and manage your own worlds or shards.

Shards Online Second Kickstarter Campaign Is Up And Running

It's like running your very own private server of the game where you can control and customize everything like character development, combat, items, monsters, equipment and even AI. Of course, you can also play out of the box.

Shards Online's first Kickstarter attempt failed but this second Kickstarter attempt is bound to succeed because the developer greatly reduced its funding goal.

The goal of the first Kickstarter attempt was 320,000 USD but it only got over 70,000 USD. The goal of this new Kickstarter attempt is only 50,000 USD and, based on how much the first Kickstarter attempt got, reaching it is not impossible.

In fact, it's already halfway through with still many days to go. Check out Shards Online's new Kickstarter at

DRM Free Games are currently on sale at's 2014 DRM-Free Big Fall Sale.

During this amazing sale, you'll enjoy upto 90% discount on over 700 awesome games as well as daily deals and flash sales. launched the 2014 DRM-Free Big Fall Sale by offering Mount & Blade for FREE for the first 48 hours of the sale. That is an amazing offer specially for those of you who are fans of Mount & Blade.

If you missed the Mount & Blade free offer then don't feel too bad about it because more free games are going to be given away. Just head on over to and create a free account to enjoy all the free games offers.

Anyway, check out all the amazing DRM-Free games that are on sale in by visiting the URL below or by clicking the link in the description of this video.

By the way guys,  you must hurry because this amazing DRM-Free Big Fall Sale will end on November 25, 2014.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

This month of November, Rakion is having its Thanksgiving Event. Rakion players will enjoy new items, events and bonuses throughout the month.

Rakion Thanksgiving Event, Events For The Month Of November

For all of you Rakion Players out there, here are some of the things you will enjoy in Rakion this month of November.
  • First is the release of the Sparta Set which is a new powerful item with lots of bonuses.
  • Next is the release of a new necklace called the Cancer Necklace.
  • Rakion will also have the following events like the Recommend Event, Roulette Event, Login Gauge Food Event and Mega Phone Event.
  • Also, the Adventurer's Package is back, PU Card is on sale and others.
Again, those listed above are just some of the things you, as a Rakion player, will enjoy in the game this month in celebration of Thanksgiving.

You can learn more information about this month's Rakion Thanksgiving Event by visiting Rakion's official website at

Monday, November 3, 2014

WTFast Router Survey is a very simple survey about the WTFast Router. WTFast is asking your help by completing the survey.

WTFast Router Survey, 10,000 Respondents Needed

For your help, you will be entered into a drawing where you'll get a chance to win $100 worth of merchandise in STEAM.

WTFast needs 10,000 survey respondents and you can be one of these respondents by completing the survey. The link to the survery is at

For those of you who are not yet familiar to what WTFast is, its a simple program that will connect you to a private network. This private network will help you improve your gameplay by reducing your lag because it will deliver your game date faster.

You can learn more about WTFast by visiting the official WTFast website. You can also download the WTFast program for free and use it for free too.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rakion Halloween Event for this month of October is filled with tons of things for you guys. Things that will make your time playing Rakion fun, enjoyable and worthwhile.

Rakion Halloween Event, October 2014

Here are the awesome things Rakion has for you this month.
  • Charge cash via Cherry Credit!!
    Get amazing gifts and rewards when you top-up Softnyx Cash via Cherry Credits (CC) this month!
  • Lizard man Creature is released!
    October 7, 2014, new creature called ‘Lizard man’ is available at shop.
  • Take advantage of creature combo
    Check out status of creature possession and take advantage of various rewards.
    Creature Combo : 2 Lizardman / Nak 
  • Theme Park Renewal
    Got bored of Theme park stage?
    October 7 2014, theme park will be renewed to make it more fun and enjoyable.
  • Check attendance event
    During the event period, attendance event will be offered.
    1st - Random Capsule / 2nd - Mithril / 3rd - Random point bag / 4th
     - Protect Stone / 5th - Rich Ring / 6th - One day Bonus Pack / 7th - 2nd Gacha Ticket(1EA) / 8th - Nak Core
  • Stage Reset
    Stage reset will be available for all characters. 
  • No level limitation
    During the event period, no level limitation will be applied for all items. 
  • 30% discount coupon will be given for the first cash used
    First time to use cash in Rakion?
    Those who are using cash for the first time will get rewarded with a 30% discount coupon during the event period.
  • Come visit limited item shop every day
    Different item each day will be on sale at a very special price.
  • Lucky candy box is on sale
    During the event period, ‘Lucky Candy Box’ item will be on sale. You can randomly get one of Ex-item/Potion/Enchant Item/Enchant sub-material/Gem and socket related item/Quest item/Dye item when used. 
  • Poke chance is back !!
    Get the poke chances in game and try poking at the website ~ 

For those who don't know, Rakion is a free-to-play fantasy-themed multiplayer online battle arena game. You can learn more about it at

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Strife Brawl Tournament is where you can win cash prizes daily by competing against other Strife players or teams. This tournament is brought to you by Level Up! Games, publisher of Strife in the Philippines.

Daily Brawls are held from Monday to Friday in participating internet access rental venues or simply internet cafes. Daily winners are qualified to participate in the Weekend Brawl where they can win at least ₱1,500 cash or they can choose to get ₱2,500 worth of Level Up! load.

Strife Brawl Tournament, Win Cash Prizes Daily

Weekend Brawls are held every Saturday and the last team standing in a Weekend Brawl will get to fight in the Monday Brawl where the winner can take home ₱10,000. Monthly Brawls are held every last Sunday of the Month where the monthly winner or champion will receive a cash prize of ₱25,000.

Level Up! Games Strife Brawl Tournament is a great opportunity for all Strife players to show-off their Strife playing skills and win some cash prizes as well.

For more information about the Strife Brawl Tournament, head on over to the official website of Strife Philippines.

Strife is a second generation multiplayer online battle arena game developed by S2 Games and published by Level Up! Games in the Philippines.