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Monday, September 29, 2014

Are you lagging badly in Soldier Front 2? If you are then you are just like me because I'm also lagging badly in Soldier Front 2. It's not surprising because the servers of Soldier Front 2 are located in Canada and I'm playing from the Philippines.

Lag Fix For Soldier Front 2

Just imagine how far that is. Canada to Philippines is like travelling half the world. As much as I like to play in a server closer to me but, unfortunately, there is none. Soldier Front 2 has no servers here in the Philippines and that's why I'm playing in the North American server.

My distance from the servers of Soldier Front 2 will create lag and I've learned how to play and enjoy the game with it. But still, I was able to improve my connection to Soldier Front 2 by 78% by using a simple program and that program is WTFast.

Just take a look at the image below.

Lag Fix For Soldier Front 2, 78% Connection Improvement

The image is a screenshot of WTFast showing my Connection Report in Soldier Front 2. It says that my overall Connection Improvement was 78% and below it were my connection stats.

My average ping was 290ms but WTFast reduced it down to 237ms which was still high but it was better than 290ms. WTFast also reduced my lost packets, ping spikes, ping fluctuations, etc. Adding all the improvements my connection got resulted to an overall connection improvement of 78%.

Of course, this information was only based on one gameplay session of Soldier Front 2. Obviously, each gameplay session will have a different result based on various factors. The most connection improvement that I got since I started using WTFast was 80%.

Also, there were times when WTFast didn't improve my connection at all but those were very rare  occasions. I think it was because my internet connection was so bad that WTFast could no longer improve it any further. Fortunately, those times don't happen too often.

So, if you are lagging badly and if you want to improve your connection to Soldier Front 2 then I suggest that you give WTFast a try. You can download WTFast for free and you can use WTFast for free forever.

To download WTFast for free, just go to the official website of WTFast.

Installing WTFast will only take you a few seconds and you can use it almost immediately. You also don't need to create a new WTFast account to use WTFast. Just login as a Free Trial user and you are good to go.

Anyway, I hope you guys find this post about WTFast and Soldier Front 2 useful and informative. Also, please share it to your friends in Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

WTFast Trial is available to all new users of WTFast for 30 Days. It's free and you don't even need to create an account to use it.

All you have to do to enjoy the Free Trial of WTFast is the following. First, download WTFast from its official website. Install WTFast and run it. Finally, enter the network by logging-in as a Trial User.

WTFast Trial, 30 Days Free Trial

Again, your WTFast Free Trial will expire in 30 days and it's more than enough time for you to use, try and evaluate WTFast. If you feel that WTFast is working for you then you can subscribe either as a Basic User or a Premium User.

Subscribed WTFast users enjoy tons of benefits like having access to the Tier 1 network of WTFast, e-mail customer support and others. For more information about subscribing to WTFast, you should go to the official website and read it from there. ^_^

Also, while you are checking out the official website of WTFast then please also watch the video below. Thanks. ^_^

Again, eliminate your in-game lag with WTFast and don't forget to watch the video above. Thanks!

Friday, September 12, 2014

This September 2014, Wakfu Asia will have a major patch and it will introduce the joy of Player-Versus-Player or PvP to all Wakfu Asia players. Wakfu Asia PvP will focus on Nations fighting against other Nations.

To participate in Wakfu Asia PvP, you or your character must be at least level 38. If you are then you can either fight for your Nation as a Guard or you can join the Riktus Clan as a Rebel.

For more details about Wakfu Asia PvP, read about it on the official Wakfu Asia website.

Below is a list of other cool and exciting new features added to the game in this patch or update.
  • Astrub Revamp: The village is transformed into a fortified city!
  • Arrival of the Riktus Bandits and New PvP Feature:  With a gameplay full of surprises and new rules of alliances.
  • Combat Rules Modifications: Speed / Lock / Dodge have received a makeover.
  • Mercenaries and Otomai Disciples Posts: Located in each region with contracts and quests helping you to progress.
  • "Easy" Dungeons: A new mode making it easier to do dungeons with only two Sidekicks.
  • Smoother Progression: A new evolution including an automatic gain of MP and AP at certain levels, new abilities and even a revamp of the character characteristics evolution system…
  • Items Modifications: Rebalancing, random generation of elements and the return of machines!
  • Sram class Revamp: New gameplay better suited to the class!
Also, don't forget to view my YouTube video about Wakfu Asia PvP. I uploaded it in my YouTube channel but you can view it below. Doing so will increase its view and thus helping me grow my channel further. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recently, I created a YouTube video about Blacklight Retribution Asia or Blacklight Asia and you can watch the video at the end of this post. I created the video after getting a chance to try out the game because what I saw surprised me.

Blacklight Retribution Asia, Is The Game Dead Already? Where Are The Players?

Blacklight: Retribution is one of my favorite games. I don't play it often but I still play it when I get a chance. I used to play it a lot but I can't do that anymore because of a lot things happening around me.

Currently, Blacklight Retribution still has a lot of players playing it everyday. The amount of players playing is not the same as it used to but I still find full matches and the game is never empty.

What surprised me in Blacklight Retribution Asia when I tried it was the fact that the game was virtually empty. There were only three hosted matches and all of which had no players or zero players playing. In other words, I was the only one in the game when I tried it.

So, where are the players of Blacklight Retribution Asia? If this continues then I won't be surprised if IAHGames close it or shut it down for good. With no players playing, keeping the servers up will only cost the publisher tons of money without any potential of making any of it back.

I didn't stay logged in very long and I eventually uninstalled the game. If I want to play Blacklight Retribution then I'll just play it in PWE's server.

Here is the YouTube video that I created and uploaded to my YouTube channel. Please help me get some views for it by watching it below. Just click on the play button to start the video.

Blacklight Retribution is a free-to-play sci-fi and futuristic-themed multiplayer online first-person shooter developed by Zombie Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Blacklight Retribution Asia is published by IAHGames.

Blacklight Retribution:
Blacklight Retribution Asia:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wakfu STEAM, Close Beta Keys Giveaway

Are you looking for a Close Beta Key for Wakfu STEAM? If you are then you're in luck because I recently uploaded a YouTube video in my YouTube channel that has a few Close Beta Keys for Wakfu STEAM.

Wakfu STEAM Close Beta Keys Giveaway

Wakfu is already on STEAM but you won't see it listed in the Free-To-Play section of STEAM. If you want to see and access Wakfu on STEAM then you will need to activate a Close Beta Key. You do that in STEAM by clicking Games and choosing Activate a Product on STEAM...

All you need now is to get a Wakfu STEAM Close Beta Key and you can get one by simply watching the YouTube video below.

The Close Beta Keys for Wakfu STEAM are in the video. Unfortunately, only a few of them are in there. If someone gets them ahead of you then check out the list below for a few more.
  • CD4XM-IPJF5-33V67
Remember, these keys are one time use keys. If someone gets them ahead of you and use them then you won't be able to use them anymore.

The Close Beta of Wakfu STEAM ends on September 16, 2014.

To learn more about Wakfu STEAM, visit the official Wakfu page on STEAM.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rakion players what's up? Here are the things Rakion players can expect in Rakion's September Event 2014.

Rakion Chaos Force September Event 2014
  • New Volcanic Zone Map
  • Option for Class Advanced Only
  • Updated Advanced Eagle Ring and Insane Necklace
  • Sale of Power User Card
  • Updated Theme Park Set
  • Extra Rewards On Selected Maps
  • Limited Sale On Post Package
  • Event Point Is Carried over
Those listed above are the things Rakion players can expect and enjoy in Rakion's September Event 2014. For a more detailed explanation of those listed above, simply go to Rakion's official website.

Also, I created a YouTube video that I uploaded in my YouTube channel to help spread the word about Rakion's September Event 2014. I would like to request your help in getting some views to the video by simply watching it below.

Rakion is an easy to play multiplayer online battle arena game. It's free-to-play and it's published worldwide by Softnyx.
PayDay 2 Contest is your chance to win PayDay 2 for free.

Today, I uploaded a new video in my YouTube channel about a certain PayDay 2 Contest or Giveaway. It's a short video informing everyone who watches it about Cimmarian's PayDay 2 Contest.

Please help me gain some views by watching the video below. ^_^

If you can then please share it to your friends and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Obviously, PayDay 2 is the sequel to PayDay. A multiplayer online first person shooting game that will let you play as a bank robber. As a bank robber, you will get to carry a gun, wear a crazy looking clown mask, shoot cops and do all the things a bank robber does.

PayDay 2 Contest

PayDay 2 is not a very expensive game (unlike The Sims 4, LOL) but why pay for it when there is a chance you can get it for FREE. Just watch the video again to learn how you can get a chance to win PayDay 2.

But, if you don't want to watch the video again then simply go to Cimmarian's PayDay 2 Contest page to learn everything about the contest and how you can win.